KIAI National Competition Awards

KIAI National Competition Awards 2016

21 students competed in the KIAI Grand National Isshinryu Tournament on June 25th 2016, earning 49 awards. This included 3 Grand Championship wins, 15 first place winners, 11 second place winners, 13 third place winners and 7 fourth place winners.

5 students earned berths in the Underbelt Grand Championship round with Ameilia Chung earning the Grand Championship win for underbelts. Krishna Kiru and Shashank Swaminathan earned berths in the Junior Black Belt Grand Championship. Lizzy Arnold and Shashank Swaminathan won Grand Championships for Junior Black Belt Fighting.

Earning first place National Championship awards were: Ameilia Chung (2 wins plus underbelt Grand Championship), Leland McElroy (2 wins), Teddy Donahue (2 wins), Drew Adomaitis (2 wins), Shashank Swaminathan (2 wins including Grand Champion Junior Black Belt Fighting), Lizzy Arnold (Grand Champion Junior Black Belt Fighting), Trevor Adomaitis, Sneha Challa, Krishna Kiru, and Shaelyn Carroll.

Taking second place wins were: Shaelyn Carroll (2 wins), Krishna Kiru (2 wins), Leland McElroy, Jachin Chung, Jack Stephens, Rowan Adomaitis, Trevor Adomaitis, Lexi Maxton, and Lizzy Arnold.

Earning third place finishes were: Ben Matas (2 wins), Anthony DeFeo, Jachin Chung, Ameilia Chung, Rohan Challa, Jack Stephens, Trevor Adomaitis, Drew Adomaitis, Lexi Maxton, Anwesha Sarangi, Ram Kiru, and Shashank Swaminathan.

Earning fourth place finishes were: Rowan Adomaitis (2 wins), Anthony DeFeo, Sneha Challa, Rohan Challa, Anwesha Sarangi, and Ram Kiru.