KIAI National Competition Awards

KIAI National Competition Awards 2018

29 students competed in the KIAI Grand National Isshinryu Tournament on June 23rd, 2018, earning 55 awards. This included 20 first place winners (including one Grand Championship win), 23 second place winners, and 12 third place winners.

8 students earned berths in the Underbelt Grand Championships. Three earned berths in the Junior Black Belt Grand Championship, with Shaelyn Carroll winning the Grand Prize and Ameilia Chung winning the Jr. Black Belt Sunsu Kata Challenge.

Earning first place National Championship awards were: Shaelyn Carroll (plus Grand Championship), Ameilia Chung (3 wins, including Sunsu Challenge), Andrew Adomaitis (2 wins), Evelyn Barrons (2 wins), Noah Bayma (2 wins), Jachin Chung, Rowan Adomaitis, Rae Manela, Joey Saeli, Jesse Barrons, Ethan Barrons, Lexi Maxton, Adishvar Jeyaranjan, and Molly Forsyth.

Taking second place wins were: Rowan Adomaitis (2 wins), Adishvar Jeyaranjan (2 wins), Joey Saeli (2 wins), Lorenzo Baretti (2 wins), Cristian Baretti, Shaelyn Carroll, Jachin Chung, Trevor Adomaitis, Andrew Adomaitis, Rae Manela, Jesse Barrons, Evelyn Barrons, Ethan Barrons, Jessica Harrison, Austin Bermingham, Reed Bermingham, Noah Bayma, Khai Kowalske, and Alexan Kazarian, .

Earning third place finishes were: Trevor Adomaitis (2 wins), Khai Kowalske (2 wins), Ameilia Chung, Jachin Chung, Shaelyn Carroll, Rae Manela, Jesse Barrons, Nicholas Harrison, Alexan Kazarian, and Austin Bermingham.