KIAI National Competition Awards

KIAI National Competition Awards 2019

25 students competed in the KIAI Grand National Isshinryu Tournament on June 22nd, 2019, earning 43 awards. This included 20 first place winners, 12 second place winners, 10 third place winners, and 1 fourth place winner. 

Rae Manela earned berths in the Black Belt Grand Championships for both kata and kumite, and Rowan Adomaitis earned berths in the Junior Black Belt Grand Championships for both kata and weapons.

FSDC also won special recognition as “Most Supportive Dojo.”

Earning first place National Championship awards were: Rae Manela (2 wins), Rowan Adomaitis (2 wins), Jesse Barrons (2 wins), Varsha Muppa (2 wins), Noah Bayma (2 wins), Khai Kowalske (2 wins), Reed Bermingham (2 wins), Siddu Kodali, Khang Kowalske, Lexi Maxton, Joey Saeli, Ethan Barrons, and Sathvik Sarapeneni.

Taking second place wins were: Trevor Adomaitis (2 wins), Manu Muppa (2 wins), Jesse Barrons, Andrew Adomaitis, Siddu Kodali, Ethan Barrons, Alexan Kazarian, Varsha Muppa, Sathvik Sarapeneni, and Eesha Kodali.

Earning third place finishes were: Trevor Adomaitis (2 wins including Sunsu Challenge), Evelyn Barrons (2 wins), Rae Manela, Lexi Maxton, Siddu Kodali, Manishvar Jeyaranjan, Molly Forsyth, and Neha Nair.

Earning a fourth place finish: Khang Kowalske.