IHOF International Competition Awards

Isshinryu Hall of Fame
International Competition Awards 2017

Seventeen students competed in the 2017 International IHOF tournament, earning twenty-one trophies, including three World Championship titles in Kumite.

Earning first place finishes (our new World Champions): Ian Kosaka, Lizzy Arnold, and Shaelyn Carroll.

Earning second place in Kata: Rae Manela, Noah Bayma and Jachin Chung.
Earning second place in Weapons: Noah Bayma.
Earning second place in Kumite: Amelia Chung, Jachin Chung, Lexi Maxton, and James Takeshita.

Earning third place in Kata: Amelia Chung, Rowan Adomaitis, Lizzy Arnold and Jim Bertin.
Earning third place in Weapons:  Rowan Adomaitis.
Earning third place in Kumite: Austin Bermingham.

Earning fourth place in Kata: Austin Bermingham and James Takeshita.
Earning fourth place in Weapons:  Lexi Maxton.
Earning fourth place in Kumite: Rowan Adomaitis.