IHOF National Awards

For 2013 the following students and Senseis were nominated for awards:

Young Female Karate Ka 12 and Under: KATELYN DESMIER
Young Male Karate Ka 12 and Under: ANDREW SWANSON and JOSH O’MEARA
Young Female Karate Ka 13-17: RYAN SWANSON and ABBY O’MEARA
Young Male Karate Ka 13-17: ABHAY VORA
Male Karate Ka: MARK SWANSON – First Place Award Winner-2013
Male Instructor: RANDY FANCHER
Jr. Female Competitor: SHAELYN CARROLL
Jr. Male Competitor: JOSHUA HUANG
Male Competitor: MITCHEL HUANG
Outstanding Contribution: TANAZ NATERWALA and HEATHER SWANSON-First Place Award Winner-2013


For 2012, Lizzy Arnold was voted the Top Female Karate Student for ages 13-17, with Tanaz Naterwala voted Top Jr. Competitor. Top Five honors went to: Randy Fancher for Male Instructor, Trina Frick for Female Karate Student, Krishna Kiru and Tanaz Naterwala for Female Karate Students, Shaelyn Carroll for Jr. Female Competitor, Andrew Swanson, James Takeshita, Zach Verhelle and Andrew Pospeshil for Male Karate Students, Mitchel Huang, Soorya Ramappan and Rohun Savanur for Jr. Male Competitor, and the Swanson Family and Shankar Kiru for their Contribution to Isshinryu. For 2011, Ryan Swanson was voted the Top Female Karate Student for ages 12 and under, with Ian Kosaka voted the Top Male Student in the same age group. Tanaz Naterwala received top honors for Female Karate Students ages 13 – 17, with Ami, Jim and Devon DeCaire being voted the Top Contributors to Isshinryu Karate. Top Five honors went to: Alex Pospeshil for Jr. Competitor, Belle Spencer for Female Karate Student ages 13- 17, Mitchel Huang for his Contribution to Isshinryu, Kathy O’Meara for Adult Female Karate Student, Mark Swanson for Adult Male Karate Student and Tom Pospeshil for Adult Competitor. For 2010, Devon DeCaire was chosen Top Female Karate Student in the country, for ages 10-12, while Mitchel Huang was chosen Top Jr. Male Competitor. Also for 2010, Tanaz Naterwala earned top two honors for her Contribution to Isshinryu, and Ryan Tgiros earned top five honors for Male Karate Students, ages 13-17. Mr. Huang and Miss Naterwala were also chosen the Top Karate Students in the Country for ages 10-12 in 2009, as well as Brenna Cameron receiving Top Five honors for Karate Students aged 13-15.