Trevor Adomaitis

Trevor Adomaitis began karate at the age of 9, in April of 2014. He tested for his black belt in December of 2018. Trevor has competed in various tournaments, including the KIAI Grand Nationals, the IHOF tournament, the IWKA World Championships, and the Metro Detroit Open. He enjoys competing and meeting karate ka from all over the world, and he has brought home many trophies from these tournaments. He also was honored as one of the top five finalists for Young Male (12 and under) Karate Ka of the Year in 2017 by IHOF. 

Trevor greatly enjoys teaching young karate students. Karate helps kids learn how to focus well, and learn how to control their bodies more efficiently.  He loves watching students become more confident in both their karate skills, and in themselves. Trevor also likes teaching because it is an opportunity to help spread Isshinryu. 

When not at the dojo, Trevor enjoys reading, participating in a homeschool drama program, and hanging out with friends.