bio-Rowan A

Rowan Adomaitis

Rowan Adomaitis received her black belt in December, 2018, and she began training in April, 2014. She has been instructing students since March, 2016, and she has many hours of teaching experience. She especially loves teaching younger kids who may be more shy because watching them grow in confidence is amazing. She also loves it when parents seem to appreciate what she does for their children. Teaching helps her learn the kata, and see different things in the kata that she could do better.

Karate has brought many things to Rowan. It has helped her learn focus, and it helps her be mentally strong, as well as physically strong. Rowan loves the friends she has made at FSDC, and the supported feeling she has at the dojo.

When not doing karate, Rowan likes crafting, acting with her homeschool drama group, and being with friends.