Manaswi Muppa

Manaswi “Manu” Muppa studied karate with FSDC for over six years and earned her Junior Black Belt in December, 2019, while a sophomore at Northville High School. She considers it one of the best experiences of her life. Not only has she learned self-defense skills, she has built confidence as well. Starting off as a shy 4th grader with the weakest punch, the amount she has learned leading up to her Black Belt testing has been immeasurable. And karate has given her another family that she can go through tough times with, laugh with, have fun with, and count on in the future.

Aside from karate, Manu joined many High School clubs—HOSA, Robotics, Model UN, and Rotary. She runs sprints for the varsity track and field team and is on the relay team. She also has a passion for Indian Dance, and has danced for over 10 years with an award winning dance group. Careerwise, she would like to go into the health science field, and possibly into dentistry.