Alexandra Maxton

Alexandra (Lexi) Maxton began training with FSDC in January of 2014 at the age of 8. In that first class, she learned punches and kicks and fell in love with karate. Something she really appreciates about karate is that there is always a “why” of whatever we do. Karate has helped her to become a better person, teaching her how to teach others, how to be responsible, and how to pace work to finish before a deadline. She feels that the members of the dojo have been like a large family to her.

She has competed at numerous tournaments, and won many honors, including taking first place in fighting at the KIAI tournament three years in a row. In 2017, prior to the Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, she helped teach wrist locks at the Women of Isshinryu Seminar. In 2018, the Isshinryu Hall of Fame honored her as one of the top five Female Karate-kas 13-17 years old.

In December, 2019, she earned her first degree Junior Black Belt.

Outside of karate, she is part of the high school robotics team in the game-specific design subgroup. (She plans to go to college for mechanical engineering.) She is also a part of several other clubs in high school and regularly attends youth religious services.