Jachin Chung

Jachin began his karate journey with FSDC in April 2012 at a young age of 4 even before he entered Kindergarten. Today he is at Karate 3-4 days a week and is loving the experience of teaching kids younger than him. He is currently a 3rd degree Junior Black Belt, earning that rank in December of 2019, after earning his 2nd degree in April of 2018 and his Junior Black Belt first degree in December of 2016. In 2018, the Isshinryu Hall of Fame recognized him as one of the top five Young Male Karate Kas 12 and under.

He developed a rhythmic chant to help karate-kas learn Naihachi kata, which other instructors have now adopted. This is one of Jachin’s proudest memories of his teaching experience so far.

Jachin began competing in 2012 at the FSDC tournament and continues to compete in local, national and world tournaments. He has earned over 24 awards in 14 tournaments. He loves being part of the FSDC community events like the Memorial Day parade, the Labor Day Parade, Novi Ethnic Taste Fest and Light up the Night. Jachin enjoys the friendship he has developed with his fellow FSDC karate-kas.

He is a voracious reader, participates in leadership role in school as a Proactive Peer and enjoys afterschool activities like Battle of the Books and Math Club. He plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball and is a member of the Middle School Game Club. His favorite subject in school is Math.