Emily Kasper

Emily Kasper began learning Isshinryu karate with FSDC in 2012 at the age of 7. Her parents signed her up so she could learn to defend herself against bullies. Starting out a very shy student, she gained in confidence as she rose in rank, growing stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. She loves learning new katas, and especially loves teaching younger students. She found that teaching others forced her to sharpen her skills and learn the katas more deeply. She takes great pride in seeing a student succeed in performing things that she taught them.

Emily has attended many tournaments, winning many medals and trophies. In 2018, The Isshinryu Hall of Fame recognized her as one of the top five Young Female Karate Kas 13-17. On December 18, 2016, at the age of 12, Emily earned the rank of Sho Dan Ho, or first degree Junior Black Belt.  In April, 2018, she earned the rank of Ni Dan Ho. (2nd degree Junior Black Belt). In December, 2019, she earned the rank of San Dan Ho (3rd degree Junior Black Belt).

Aside from karate, Emily plays the viola, takes part in the City of Novi’s Memorial Day Parade, volunteers to clean up a two mile stretch of 10 Mile Road, and raises funds for “Love Runs,” a group that helps rescue and restore victims of human trafficking. To date they have raised over 3.5 million dollars for this cause. Emily is also a talented artist. She designed the 25th anniversary T-shirt for FSDC, and is a founding member of the “Artists of FSDC.”