Anish Gogineni

Anish Sri Gogineni joined FSDC in the winter of 2009-2010 at the age of 7. Ever since the day he joined he has loved karate and has wanted to become a black belt. He also loves to hang out with his fellow karate-ka and work with them. Anish has placed in many tournaments, including two 4th place finishes in kumite at the IHOF National Tournament, a 1st and 3rd place in the 2013 Metro Detroit Open Tournament, and two 2nd places at the 2012 Metro Detroit Open Tournament.  He also had the privilege of teaching alongside Mr. Z and other black belts at Mr. Z’s IHOF Induction Seminar in 2016.

Anish earned his first degree junior black belt in August 2015, his second degree junior black belt in March 2017, and third degree junior black belt in December 2018. He has set a goal of being a third degree adult black belt and knows that it will take hard work and determination to achieve his goal.

Outside of Karate he enjoys doing many things: playing basketball, football, golf, building Legos, and playing the saxophone.