Ameilia Chung

Ameilia started Karate at the age of seven with Family Self Defense Center in April of 2012. Participating in local, national and world tournaments has allowed Ameilia to grow in confidence.  She has placed well in prior years winning 38 trophies in 18 tournaments (as of 2019). The International Isshinryu Hall of Fame named her one of the top five Female Karate Students 12 and under in 2016, one of the top five Junior Female Competitors in 2017, and one of the top five Female Karate Students 13-17 in 2018.

Her proudest moments were when she accomplished her goals of being the Underbelts Grand Champion for both kata and weapons at the 2016 FSDC tournament. She was also the 2016 Grand Champion for Underbelts at the KIAI tournament. In 2017, Ameilia had the opportunity to join Master Chris run a segment of the Women of Isshinryu Seminar at Gatlinburg, teaching high ranking female Black Belts wrist locks and use of locks in bunkai.

In December, 2016, she earned the rank of Sho Dan Ho (Junior Black Belt), in April, 2018, earned the rank of Ni Dan Ho (2nd degree Junior Black Belt), and in December, 2019, earned the rank of San Dan Ho (3rd degree Junior Black Belt). Since being introduced to teaching, Ameilia has learned the joy of instructing Isshinryu to others and ensuring that proper techniques are passed on.

In addition to Karate, Ameilia enjoys reading, swimming, crafts and traveling. She is open to trying new experiences and expanding her horizons. In school she has taken up violin and her favorite subject is Math. She is on her high school’s JV volleyball team and is a member or the school’s HOSA club.