Connor Benedetto

connor-benedettoConnor has always been a rough and tumble boy. Soon after he could walk, his favorite activities involved wrestling, grappling, and boxing with anyone willing (and sometimes unwilling). When he turned 7 years old in the spring of 2013 he began training in Samurai Sport Sword at FSDC. Out of the gate he gained the reputation of being a hard-hitting competitor with no regard for technique. Under the guidance of Master Z and his wife Chris, Connor developed a more methodical approach to wielding weapons. As he matured, he recognized the need for poise and strategy. He has won a few local tournaments in both sparing and forms. He is proficient with short and long swords, knives, bo staffs, and nunchakus.

Connor is an active member and leader in his church. He sings and directs younger children during service on a monthly basis. He enjoys playing soccer, video games, and tinkering with any type of arts & crafts.