Soorya Ramappan

Soorya started karate at the end of 2009 when he was around 10 years old. He started after a strong recommendation from one of his FSDC friends and ever since then he found karate as one of his favorite activities. Throughout his karate career Soorya has been highly active in training, teaching, and competing.

In the tournament scene, Soorya has a record of winning over 50 different local, state, national, and world awards. In 2011 Soorya won his first national championship at the IHOF tournament and once again claimed another national title in 2014. In 2013 he achieved the great feat of becoming and Isshinryu world champion in the IWKA world championship tournament. He also holds a first place grand champion title in the FSDC dojo tournament. Along with tournament awards Soorya was also nominated in 2012 for the title of Top Junior Male Competitor in the Nation for the IHOF awards category.

Soorya got his black belt in August of 2014 at age 15. As of March, 2017, he is an adult 3rd degree black belt (Sensei). Today he can be found around the dojo up to three times a week training and teaching.

Soorya also enjoys singing, playing piano, playing drums, playing the Indian classical drums, and spending time with friends. He also is active in many school activities and clubs such as Model UN, Deca, quiz bowl, robotics, theater, and a capella choir.