Lily Kosaka

Lily Kosaka joined FSDC at the age of seven, when she was in second grade.  She achieved the rank of Junior Black Belt in August of 2012, Second Degree Jr. Black Belt in June of 2014, Third  Degree Jr. Black Belt in December 2015, and Fourth Degree Jr. Black Belt in December of 2017 (the first person awarded this rank by FSDC). In December 2018 she became the first female adult Fourth Degree Black Belt in FSDC’s 26 year history.

Lily likes teaching karate as well as learning new katas, bunkai, and kumite skills.  She has always liked the FSDC tournaments during spring and the demonstrations that she takes part in.  In 2014, the Isshinryu Hall of Fame named her one of the top five Young Female Karate Kas, 12 and Under, and in 2018, one of the top five Female Instructors of the Year.

She has greatly enjoyed taking Isshinryu classes and has made several friends over the past few years at FSDC.  Aside from karate, Lily enjoys spending her time reading, playing with her cats, drawing, and painting.