Our family has known the FSDC family and its leaders, Ms. Chris and Master Z for several years now. Both of our children are students of this dojo, our 13 year old is a Second Degree junior black belt, and our 8 year old is a brownbelt in Isshinryu Karate. We have watched our sons grow exponentially in their martial arts skills, and also in their overall personality development, under the guidance and positive influence of their Senseis. The reason our children have been so successful and reached this level is because of the sincerity, dedication and hard work of their teachers. They recognize their student’s potential early on, and steer their young minds in the right direction. This is evident from the large no. of students who have trained with them for a long period of time, and have evolved into becoming leaders and mentors in the dojo and in other areas of their life. The senseis’ immense and well-rounded knowledge in Martial arts is reflected in their teaching style. They demonstrate the most practical and effective use of every move and make it more meaningful for the students by giving the historical background, and explaining how it can be improvised to make it work in modern life. They do this based on the student’s ability to grasp without overwhelming them. They are very patient in dealing with students of all ages, from preschoolers to older adults. My sons always felt a deeper connection with their teachers, and they say that their senseis offer tips and techniques in a fun way which helps them to retain their skills for longer term. They offer advice on improvement to the students by first highlighting their strengths, and then commenting on one or two things that the student can work on. This positive reinforcement helps the students boosts their self-confidence which keeps them coming back for more. The dojo hosts a tournament every year, to help their students get acquainted to tournament settings and prepare them for regional and national tournaments. They make the tournaments fun for the younger children to get rid of any anxiety and fear from their minds, and guide them to present their best to the judges. FSDC is well respected and recognized in the community due to their charitable contributions and participation in Karate/Padded weapons demonstrations at community events. Come join our FSDC family and you will never want to leave.

The Huang Family



Learning Isshinryu Karate from Mr. Z and Ms. Chris has been a transformational experience for the Kiru family. Ram, Son, 8, and Krishna, Daughter, 10, have become more confident learning discipline, time management and leadership skills in all walks of life even outside of the dojo. Shankar, their Dad, 45, feels a deep connection with his Karate family and has established a camaraderie with his fellow adult students and the Karate Kids, and the Kiru family actively participates in various community events together throughout the year. Both Mr. Z and Ms. Chris live a life of example with uncompromising principles and values, and are an inspiration for all Karate Kas everywhere. The Kiru Family   There are not enough ways to explain how incredible Family Self Defense Center is for karate and sport sword. The instructors teach to the individual needs of the students both young and adult. My two kids and husband have been training here for years, and they love going to class every week!! We had tried other places but they were very rigid in their teaching style, where one method of teaching supposedly fit all students, or it required a monthly payment plan. We would never go anywhere else! Before you try somewhere else, try them first!! The Swanson Family   I have worked with and have been involved with the Family Self Defense Center for over 4 years now and I cannot begin to tell you what an asset they are to the City of Novi. FSDC gets involved with every city event and is always giving back, which a huge part of their school’s policy. They have instilled a Family Community in all of their participants through their teaching and mentoring skills. I can only hope that we see many more years together.

Theresa McClure | Youth Sports Supervisor parks



A few years ago, my wife and I were looking for a way to boost our son’s confidence and activity level. After searching for a martial arts school we decided on Family Self Defense Center and have been absolutely thrilled with our decision. His self esteem continues to increase as he enjoys learning new skills katas. Now, not only is my son in martial arts but my daughter and myself are also taking classes. This is a true family where Mr. Z and Ms. Chris take the time to understand each persons needs and goals and motivates them to achieve it! The Verhelle Family   Family Self Defense Center as the name suggests is truly a family oriented place. My family & I have been fortunate to be a part of this family for over 8 years now. MS. Chris & Mr. Z are the best mentors any kid could ever have. They have a passion for teaching & my daughter has over the years developed the same enthusiasm for Karate & teaching & it is all thanks to FSDC. At FSDC not only is one taught to be an excellent Karate Ka but our Senseis also focus on the all round development. At FSDC students are also taught respect for others & discipline. However all this is taught in a very respectful way. FSDC is truly a family as friendships are formed here meant for a lifetime. My husband & daughter love the sword program at FSDC. There is always something new & exciting to learn at FSDC. Would highly recommend FSDC to anyone considering Karate for their kids or themselves.

The Naterwala Family


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