American Youth Classic

American Youth Classic Tournament 2019

20 FSDC students competed in our first time attending this 17 and under open tournament on September 14, 2019. We won 41 awards, including 7 first place, 19 second place, and 14 third place.

First place wins went to: Varshini Muppa  in kata, weapons, and a Grand Championship berth in her age group, Lara Maun in weapons, Eesha Kodali in kumite, and the team of Jessica Harrison and Nicholas Harrison in self defense.

Second place wins went to: Molly Forsyth in kata and weapons, Noah Bayma in kata and weapons, Varshini Muppa in kumite, Ryan Daly in kumite, Nicholas Harrison in weapons, the team of Adishvar Jeyaranjan and Ryan Daly in self defense, and in team kata, Khai Kowalske, Khang Kowalske, Molly Forsyth, Alexan Kazarian, Ethan Barrons, Nolen Klassa, Noah Bayma, Eesha Kodali, Siddu Kodali, and Sathvik Sarapeneni.

Third place wins went to: Khang Kowalske in kata and weapons, Evelyn Barrons in kata and kumite, Ethan Barrons in weapons, Siddu Kodali in kumite, Sathvik Sarapeneni in kata, Manu Muppa in kumite, Adishvar Jeyaranjan in kumite, Joey Saeli in weapons, the team of Manu Muppa and Lara Maun in self defense, and the team of Jessica Harrison and Nicholas Harrison in team kata.

An FSDC team dinner followed at Ardiana’s Restaurant in Novi (Ten Mile and Meadowbrook).