Samurai Sport Sword

Samurai Sport Sword

Guard Up! Learn the fun of wielding a Japanese sword and other traditional martial arts weapons without any danger. The sport weapons program teaches eye-hand coordination, discipline and respect, while training in an encouraging, non-aggressive, fun environment for children and adults. Learn short, long and double sword, Bo staff, Escrima stick and Nunchukas all utilizing safe, padded weaponry. As students advance, new found skills will be tested in exciting games and drills with other classmates. Additional Information: Qualifying students will promote to their next Sash color at the end of the session, with a nominal $10 promotion fee paid directly to the Instructor. Short Sword and other weapons must be purchased from the Instructor during the sessions as student’s progress. 


Mondays $60: Oct. 3 – Dec. 12 (no class Oct. 31), 7 to 8 pm.

To register for a session, sign up at our front desk Monday or Tuesdays at the Civic Center, or …

  • click on the link: 
  • then click on the Parks & Rec Online Registration
  • then Search for “Family Self Defense” in the Search box